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Conservatorship is the court-supervised appointment of someone to take care of the physical and financial matters of persons over 18 years old, who are unable to do that for themselves.

  1. The Conservatee is person whose affairs are being managed.
  2. The Conservator is person managing the affairs.

The conservatorship process begins by filing of a petition for conservatorship with the Court by someone needing assistance with their normal daily affairs. The conservatee nominates someone to be the conservator and specifies what powers the conservator will have. These powers must be shown on the application form. After creation of the conservatorship, an inventory and appraisement of the property of the conservatee must be filed with the court listing all of the conservatee's assets. Regular accounting must be made to the court. The conservator may even have to petition the court and obtain the court's permission before taking certain actions. In short, the court will oversee many aspects of the conservatorship and directs payment of the costs and attorney fees from the conservatee's estate.