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Birth Registration


O.R.C. ยง3705.15 states "Whoever claims to have been born in this state, and whose registration of birth is not recorded, or has been lost or destroyed, or has not been properly and accurately recorded, may file an application for registration of birth or correction of the birth record... if the person is a minor, the application shall be signed by either parent or the person's guardian."

The Probate Court cannot add or remove a father's name from a birth certificate.

When there is no father listed on the birth certificate and the natural parents get married after the birth, you can take a certified copy of the marriage license to the Department of Health and complete a Declaration of Paternity form

If you are attempting to correct the date of birth, it may only be corrected if the date shown is consistent with the date the attending physician signed the birth record or the date the local registrar filed the record.

For all corrections of birth, you must attach a certified copy of the incorrect birth certificate to the application.

For all registrations of birth, you will need to obtain a letter from both the State of Ohio Department of Health and from the Local Health Department where your birth should have been recorded, stating that there is no record of your birth on file.

You must file the Registration or Correction of Birth:

  1. In the Probate Court in the county where the birth occurred
  2. In the Probate Court in the county where the person resides
  3. In the Probate Court of the county in which the mother resided at the time of the birth